call abandon rate

BAYADA Home Health Care Reduces Call Abandon Rate 87%

BAYADA Home Health Care provides clinical and personal care support services to patients at home, helping them stay independent and comfortable. With 360 offices in 23 states and five international offices, the company employs 28,000, mostly nurses and home health aides.

While BAYADA has experienced robust growth in past years, its New Jersey contact center wasn’t so healthy. In fact, growth in the volume of interactions was a big factor in the issues it faced with its old on-premise Cisco system: limited functionality, poor scalability and reporting and no omnichannel support.

These were serious problems, since the 45 contact center agents play such critical roles in patient care: They are the first contact for patients’ families, doctors’ offices, hospitals and insurance companies, determine which services are needed and initiate patient care.

But all that changed once BAYADA moved to NICE and its integrated CXone cloud CX platform.  From the beginning, BAYADA found a partner focused on its needs and solutions that brought major improvements. Just for starters, the abandon rate fell from 20 to 2.5 percent—an 87 percent reduction!

And the improvements kept building across the board—in efficiencies, productivity, cost savings. Service levels improved significantly, even as contact center volume exploded! And the flexibility, efficiency and visibility that the CXone solutions brought to the company’s contact center—not to mention its simplicity and ease of use—enabled BAYADA to keep raising the bar on the experiences provided to patients, families and providers.

BAYADA’S Director of Contact Center Operations Martin Jones says CXone continues to meet the company’s—and the contact centers’—growth needs. “Our fast growth would be impossible to handle without CXone,” he says, “It is the backbone of everything we do, and it has been integral to our success…CXone is, hands down, the best contact center solution I’ve ever used.”