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Big Milestone: Major New Release of inContact Cloud Software

As the cloud contact center leader, it's our role to deliver powerful innovation that allows our customers to dramatically enhance their service delivery strategies."
- Paul Jarman, CEO of inContact.

Innovation is a big commitment, and this month we're rolling out the first of our major updates for 2013. When we spoke with analysts and press contacts last week, one editor commented, "Wow, you're not kidding when you say major release." Because we are 100% in the cloud, our customers have immediate access to all the new capabilities and features.

Introducing the inContact Cloud Universal Queue

The powerful Universal Queue automatically pushes a seamless flow of work throughout the day to agents – based on their skills, availability and customer priority. The Universal Queue orchestrates native inContact channels, such as voice, email and chat as well as external contact center work items, such as social media, trouble tickets and CRM cases….virtually ALL work in the contact center. This intelligent routing system determines when active channels, like voice, should take precedence over passive channels, such as email. When a high-priority active communication is received, the system automatically interrupts the email work, parks it in the agent’s personal cloud and then returns it to the queue whenx the agents is again available.  

Business benefits

  • Consistent and improved customer experience
  • Enhanced agent productivity
  • Consolidated line of sight across touch points including monitoring, reporting and analytics
  • Ability to adjust to changing customer expectations or business conditions on the fly
  • Cost effective customer interaction management
  • Ability to innovate and differentiate through customer service

Over the next week, we'll be spotlighting other aspects of this month's release including Power Agent, True Dialer Blending, new APIs and the inCloud Ecosystem. You can get the details now on today's press release. inContact customers always have the latest innovations--automatic and free updates & upgrades. And for breaking news, follow us @inContact on Twitter for press and analyst updates as they happen.