Bigger Better Faster - Are we Talking About Superman

Technology leapfrogging is a phenomena that is shaping data and telecommunications (and a great many other things as well) all over the world.   It provides both opportunity and threat.  Twenty five years ago, telephones were largely wire based and switching technology was circuit based.  The United States had a high density of phone penetration in homes and businesses and many places in the world were struggling to improve their telecom infrastructure.  But instead of playing catch up and laying thousands of miles of copper cable, the world skipped the entire wire based infrastructure and has largely gone to wireless and cellular technology.  This has allowed nations all over the world to bring not only telephone communications to their people but applications and features that the old wire line telephone could never hope to achieve.   Many things happened to enable leapfrogging of the wireline communication model but two things in particular had a profound impact.  The tremendous increase in computer processing power accompanied by improvements in miniaturization  (see Moores Law)  combined with the creation of fiber optic systems that span the globe, making the world a smaller place by transporting vast amounts of data at the speed of light..    

I tell this story because at inContact we are keenly aware of the lessons to be learned by looking at the changes in the telecom world.  Once upon a time, AT&T and the local phone companies were the juggernauts of the telecom world and large circuit based switches reigned supreme.  Today that has changed as they swim and fight amid a sea of competitors and shifting technologies.  At inContact, we understand that the services and technologies that drive the hosted contact center market will not remain motionless nor static neither will the needs and demands of our customers.   InContact is riding the Moores Law technology wave with ever more powerful and efficient network and computer systems.  All of this improved technology is being used to drive new capabilities and features in our Next Generation (NG) platform.  The NG platform is incredibly robust allowing both calls and agents to continue to operate seamlessly in spite of component failures of web or media servers.  New types of contacts such as voice mail and features such as training and quality management as well as improved reporting are all part of our NG platform.  In 2010, even the inContact  telecom network will be getting a new face lift with increased call handling capacity and VOIP capabilities. 

Our objective is to enable our customers to leapfrog their competitors.  We understand that your technology demands and requirements are changing.  With inContact, we are enabling contact centers to leapfrog old methods and technologies and redefine how they do business. 

Our goal is to be the number one SaaS provider of hosted contact services in the world and in doing so, make our customers Number One in their respective businesses.  Contact your CSM and ask how our NG services can help change the way you do business.