Bragging Rights

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a new bakery not far from my home. It was amazing!!! The woman working the counter could not have been cuter. She walked us through every single item in the case, including the back stories of how the recipes were developed. And let me tell you, the strawberry shortcake I had was absolutely divine, and my husband enjoyed a fantastic piece of cake complemented by an ice cold glass of milk (they keep the glasses in the freezer). 

After wiping the last bit of whip cream from my face, I raved about the bakery on Facebook and Twitter. I texted my brother about it (it's probably 3 minutes from his house), I told everyone at work about it. Basically, I wanted everyone to have the same kind of bliss that the magical combination of sugar, chocolate, whip cream and strawberries brought to me. 

That bakery has bragging rights. 

So how do you get your customers to rave about you in social media, and tell their friends and family all about your company? How do you get the bragging rights that make your customers become your evaneglists? The lovely and talented Jennifer Waite from our organization is hosting a webinar tomorrow to share five easy tips for delivering brag-worthy customer service in your contact center. While she won't let me let the cat out of the bag here, following are some of the key items she'll cover:

  • How you can leverage your technology to connect with customers in the channel and at the time they want 
  • How your organization can keep taking calls when disaster strikes, even when all those around you have gone dark 
  • Some of the top customer service topics on social media and how you can generate positive buzz for your company 
  • How you can provide tools that let your agents deliver customer service that matters, with maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Once you have your bragging rights, treat yourself to a slice of cake or a strawberry shortcake. For those of you in the Salt Lake area, and for anyone visiting, I highly recommend The Chocolate: A Dessert Cafe