Building for the Future - Cloud Contact Center Solutions Offer Flexibility Scalability and Omnichannel

Building for the Future: CX in the Cloud is packed with real world lessons learned from a panel of seasoned contact center experts. What better way to learn about the benefits of moving contact center technology to the cloud than from the companies employing these solutions.

TechStyle Fashion Group

"One of the reasons why we went to the cloud was to scale, not only to scale in size but also scale with regards to the cost," said Aarde Cossoboom, from TechStyle Fashion Group. The women's apparel industry is characterized by large seasonal spikes in both the amount of transactions as well as the related support calls. Companies like TechStyle benefit from the flexibility offered by cloud-based solutions. They can easily add capacity during peaks and then not have to pay for unused seats in the valleys between the peaks. Cossoboom also cited the insightful data that is generated by a cloud-based solution as another reason they went this direction. "Once we went to the cloud, we were able to really understand where they [customers] went, where they started from, that full customer journey, and then have those KPIs follow them and then report on the back end."

Shop LC

Omnichannel capabilities was a large benefit of moving to the cloud for Shop LC, as well as impacts to IT. "We often focus a lot on the front end," says Alex Paez-Gerstenhaber from Shop LC, "but then we don't realize the cost and the means that we need on the back end to support all these add-ons, configurations, customizations." She adds that implementing a cloud-based solution has provided them with the agility they need to deliver on the customer journey her organization has been mapping. Having a partner that will do some of the “heavy lifting” on the technical side of things gives these organizations flexibility with how they structure and deploy their own internal IT resources.

Omega World

Nadim Hajje of Omega World travel stressed the importance of getting buy-in from end users through frequent communication. "You have to constantly reinforce the cloud-based solution." The other panelists discussed executive buy-in, concerns about data security and fear of losing control they heard from users and decision makers through the transition. None of them minimized the effort it took to transition to the cloud – but they all found the effort was well worth it and the results are proving this effort.

Panelists also discuss the benefits of an open platform, made some predictions about the future, and wrap the session up with Q&A. Watch the full webinar to gain insight from these pioneering companies.