Buy or Lease

I read a great article recently about a business owner who opted to lease printers rather than buy them outright. She really stressed over the decision, but in the end, found that leasing was by far the better option for her and her business. She didn't have any up-front cash outlay and she was able to try multiple printers before she found the one right for her business.

I couldn't help but think about how similar this business owner's purchasing decision was to deciding between SaaS and premise-based software. You have a lot of the same options with SaaS - there is little or no up-front captial expenditure, you can change your service at any time (particularly to scale up and down for seasonality) and you have a built-in maintenance plan, as you benefit from ongoing upgrades. 

I have the great opportunity of speaking with a lot of our customers about the way choosing a SaaS solution has benefitted their businesses. You hear things like, "significantly lowered handle times," "tripled revenues" and "saved millions".

The choice is yours. But the evidence is stacked toward SaaS solutions.