Call Center Gamification - Recognize Reward and See Results!

Are your contact center agents lacking motivation and morale? We have a fun tool for you to begin implementing in your contact center, gamification! This new feature is making a big impact on contact centers too, keeping agents engaged, motivated and satisfied.

We recently launched a new gamification system as part of NICE CXone Workforce Optimization, our award-winning workforce optimization (WFO) platform. The gamification feature allows contact center leadership to create games and rewards that motivate high performance, engage agents and align contact center operations with organizational goals.

Gamification has become widespread in the business world as companies recognize that the fun, competition and positive reinforcement of call center games can motivate employees to achieve their highest potential. While traditional performance goals can be vague or unimportant to employees, gamification builds a culture of achievement by providing measurable challenges and then acknowledging accomplishments in real-time. Given the growing popularity of gamification and its results in business settings, a Gartner report projects that over 70 percent of Global 2000 corporations will have at least one gamified application by 2014.

NICE CXone WFO's gamification system allows contact center leadership to customize performance games and recognize accomplishments with points. Each agent portal now features a gamification widget that displays the agents’ achievements, a leader board and a list of available achievements. Managers can announce awards and game standings via email and the dashboard to keep agents engaged and motivated throughout their shifts.

“By defining goals and recognizing accomplishments that impact the customer experience positively, our new gamification feature incentivizes agents to deliver exceptional customer service,” said Barry Knack, Director of Education at Uptivity. “Particularly for Millennials who grew up with digital gaming, this is a tool that can boost morale, engagement and motivation.”


Because the gamification feature is part of the unified WFO platform, managers can create games that incorporate performance data from quality assurance (QA), customer surveys, workforce management (WFM), training and other components of NICE CXone WOF. Games can be designed for individual agents or teams, and achievements can be automated or awarded manually.

The gamification system is also fully integrated with NICE CXone WFO’s ad hoc reporting tool. Managers can generate reports on game achievement alongside data on QA scores, customer satisfaction surveys, speech analytics and call recordings in order to evaluate how gamification is affecting employee performance.

“Because the gamification tool was built in-house, the management tools, achievement widget and achievement data are truly integrated with the interface and reporting capabilities of Discover Suite,” added Knack. “Uptivity’s gamification tool was designed and built specifically for contact centers with the ultimate goal of improving the customer experience by improving agent performance.”