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Take a look at this link.

There are two things that are interesting.

One: The story itself is fascinating. Facebook is now second only to Google in terms of visitors on the web. Wow. Not bad for a social media platform.

Two: There are 15+ invitations to get involved in some sort of social media from Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, RSS, comments, email, and more.There is no doubt about it…this social media thing is just overwhelming in terms of the reach and penetration in nearly everything we listen to, read, or watch.  You see the invitation to Twitter and Facebook on TV, on the radio, and more.  Even the stodgy old news programs on television invite their audience to participate in a social media format of one type or another.  Go from the TV to your computer to socialize with us.

As a contact center managing the brand and the interactions with your customers, what are you doing today to stay on top of the social media tsunami?  What do you plan to do about it in 2010?  Share your story with us here or on Twitter, or Facebook.