CES in the Contact Center

No, I am not talking about the Consumer Electronics Show. I would like to take a moment and talk about Customer Satisfaction.

How many of you measure Top Box, Net-Promoter Score, or First Call Resolution? There is no single way to measure customer satisfaction, but I would like to take a moment and talk about CES.

What is CES?

Customer Effort Score – Contact center reps should focus on reducing the effort customers must make. Doing so increases the likelihood they will return to the company, spend more, and share the positive experience.

To meet customer’s expectations, agents should anticipate and plan for future problem resolution and additional follow-up calls from the customer. Focus on problem solving not speed.

There are 5 things you should focus on:

  1. Don’t just solve the current issue, anticipate any future problems that may arise and address it.
  2. Provide the necessary tools and training to help agents address the emotional side of the customer interaction
  3. If you provide self-service to your customer, ensure you are constantly looking at ways to improve the experience.
  4. Use and act on the feedback from customers to reduce customer effort.
  5. Empower your front-line to deliver the low effort experience.

Act now, make it EASY for your customers to do business with you!