Changing Gears

It is with mixed emotions that I annouce that I am leaving the inContact Professional Services team to join inContact’s Product and Strategy organization. (Don't worry, I'm still very much a part of this company.) I have been working in the PS department basically since its inception and I have truly enjoyed working directly with our clients for so many years.  It has been my privilege to assist so many of you on the development and deployment of your customer service initiatives.  In the process you have taught me a great deal about what matters to you and your customers and for that I thank you.

Armed with this knowledge it is with great excitement that I now focus my attention solely on the advancement of our call center software platform.  My area of responsibility will be largely focused on the technical users of the inContact platform that consist mainly of our inUnison Partners and Independent Software Developers. 

I have been building software to run beside and on top of our hosted call center platform for years and I know a lot of our strengths and weaknesses. However, that doesn’t mean that I know them all. I ask you to please assist me in this endeavor by providing me with direct feedback (you can email me at on any issues you have now or have had in the past regarding writing applications on or in conjunction with our platform.

I look forward to your feedback.