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Clearing the Clouds: Contact Center Technology Evolves with Innovation and Scalability

Cloud-based contact center solutions are significantly disrupting the market. Cloud technology has several differences from on-premises deployment models, including:

  • No hardware requirements
  • No cost or responsibility for testing
  • Automatically-implemented upgrades at no additional cost
These differences provide:
  • Faster innovation,
  • “On demand” scalability
  • Flexible configuration (often performed by business users), and
  • Access from anywhere with an internet connection

The bottom line is a significantly lower upfront cost to implement cloud-based solutions. Long term the cloud positions organizations on the leading edge of innovation and ensures they are able to maximize efficiency and maintain – or improve – their overall quality of service. The entire contact center industry, as well as others, is undergoing a massive shift away from on-premises solutions. The future for contact centers lies in the innovation and flexibility in cloud-based contact center software. The cloud side of this industry has seen a tremendous amount of acquisitions and new partnerships over the last three years. In her article on No Jitter, Beth Schultz spoke in depth with John Zurn, senior director of reservations and customer care at NICE inContact customer Carlson Rezidor. According to Zurn, when the company began the search process to replace their current system they knew, despite initiating a broad and comprehensive exploration of available solutions and platforms, “it was really cloud or nothing”


Cloud-based contact center software is innovating far ahead of their on-premises “competitors”, creating a significant barrier to entry for those that have yet to start developing their own cloud offering. The new battleground in the space is speed to innovation for improving the employee and customer experience. With a portfolio addressing the needs from small to medium and enterprise accounts, NICE inContact and NICE are gaining a larger share of the market while increasing the velocity of innovation.