Climbing the Social Media Ladder: A Contact Center Roadmap & Maturity Model for Social Media

Editor’s Note: As we wrap up 2010, I wanted to share some of our favorite blog posts from the past year. We’ll be back with new content on January 4. This post by Bassam Salem first ran on September 8.

In recent memory, few things have preoccupied contact center managers' minds as has the topic of public social networks and how to deal with them.  Most managers will admit that, while they're aware of the ever-increasing popularity of sites such as Twitter and Facebook and of the potential challenges and benefits that come with such channels, most do not have a salient strategy or roadmap to follow.

While one could write many healthy books on the topic, in this post, I will attempt to provide a high level roadmap for contact centers specifying incremental steps they can take to go from merely being aware of social media all the way to leveraging them and potentially going as far as serving as nerve centers within their organizations for all social media activity.  The roadmap serves a dual purpose: it is also a maturity model against which to judge a contact center's developmental maturity vis-a-vis other centers. Read more >>