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Cloud Computing is Evolving - Are Your Contact Centers

Cloud computing is now an archaic term. Every business is moving to the cloud and it is just a matter of time before a big swap out from premise. If you think you are not going to embrace cloud, think twice. Chances are, you send office emails through Office 365, you talk to your coworker in Webex, share files in Dropbox, sign your sales contracts in Docusign, take an Uber home, watch movies in Netflix and “like” in Facebook but don’t realize how permeating these cloud applications are – be it within the enterprise or beyond. Contact centers are no exceptions, a bit slower than application market in terms of cloud adoption given the behemoth telephony component. But with voice moving to the data world, we are definitely seeing the switch. Frost & Sullivan reports show on-premises contact center systems market drop by 6% with a simultaneous 12% growth in cloud contact center market.

Cloud native adds true business value to every key stakeholder in an enterprise compared to any other cloud model. It enables real-time agility in Operations, empowers IT to drive innovation and ensure Finance teams better economics.

Real-time Agility for Operations

We all know that a disaster recovery or a business volatility will immediately impact contact centers. As operations leader, how many times have you been in situations where you could not necessarily respond real time ? Be it a quick configuration of the routing rule on the fly, scaling up instantly or setting up an instant remote workforce. And, not motivated agents because they don’t have an easy to use, integrated and intuitive desktop or have real agility in getting agents onboarded and trained. Cloud native contact center helps you solve each one of these challenges.

Innovation for IT

We all see the benefits of instant scale, built in redundancy and those much less complex, expensive upgrades coming from cloud. But, the biggest value for IT is in moving away from being an organization that just keeps the lights on to one that transforms and delivers true business value through innovation. As IT leaders productivity and innovation are key to your success and an open platform from a cloud native contact center provides you just that. It enables you to easily build, extend and integrate applications and opens up a new world of empowering IT to disrupting the business through innovation.

Better Economics for Finance

The argument of Capex to opex that comes with cloud is fair. But the more important aspects are one true costs and paying for exactly what you use, not for all your pool that you use in contingency. And, you completely eliminate the cost of a replica, upgrade, professional services, license typical to a premise world. And, there is no more ROI floor for very small implementations.

Learn more about how leaders from operations, IT and finance realized huge financial benefits moving from premise to cloud. Make your move to the real cloud, now!