Cloud Contact Centers Support Higher Education

Every college or university has opportunities where contact center technology can be used to improve the student experience, streamline administrative processes, increase sales for bookstores and ticket offices and support fundraising campaigns.

Collegiate contact centers are most often small groups staffed by representatives who have a wide range of tasks and responsibilities in addition to answering the phone. They also have volunteers and part-time students who help out. These representatives reside in small departmental groups spread throughout the campus. When aggregated, the combined groups comprise a significant contact center enabling the school to take advantage of economies of scale to provision these groups with advanced technology, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Contact Center Capabilities in Higher Education

  1. Routing for multimedia contacts
  2. Response library and e-mail auto-response
  3. Screen pop
  4. Queue announcements
  5. Callback
  6. Automated attendant and campus directory
  7. Mobile representatives
  8. Outbound dialing
  9. Self-service applications

inContact cloud contact center solutions easily address the fluctuation in demand for administrative needs, academic services and auxiliary offices around the campus. The cloud contact center platform can deliver technologies which have historically been unattainably due to the prohibitive cost of premises-based solutions. Now higher education can streamline and simplify administrative processes by employing IVR technology to automate directory assistance, answer common questions and complete administrative transactions. By utilizing the multi-media capabilities of inContact’s cloud contact center calls and e-mail can be distributed more effectively, particularly during busy periods, and drastically improve customer satisfaction and staff productivity. Outbound calling can be leveraged to create an effective and efficient campaign that results in an increase in donations or ticket sales. Learn more about how Academic Partnerships uses Personal Connection™ for their proactive outbound campaigns.

By utilizing inContact cloud contact center solutions, higher education can keep pace with the technological savviness of their constituents – students, potential students and alumni – while lowering operating costs.