Cloud is Sweeping the Globe

I had the opportunity a few months ago to spend a week in Munich, Germany working with one of our premier partners who will sell and support the inContact suite of products throughout EMEA.

It was fascinating to see a couple of things that were new to them that seemed commonplace to me, having been in this cloud business for so long. It's nice to have a reminder of all the benefits of the cloud...

  • First, the different line of thinking that the cloud brings to the table vs. the premise model of having the box in the call center, having to maintain it, and having to provision for peak periods all year long for trunking and hardware. 
  • Second, the ease of use in the cloud model with the ability to scale up and scale down easily to accommodate for peak seasons and slow periods. 
  • Third, concept of queuing calls in the cloud vs. at the premise allowed for better use of the customer’s facilities to be solely for taking calls by agents vs. queue time or IVR interactions.

I enjoyed seeing the looks on their faces as they saw all the benefits of the cloud, and the subsequent smiles that ensued as the benefits were revealed by not only the massive feature/functionality list but also the flexibility of the model compared to the legacy premise model.

It’s a worldwide phenomenon – everyone’s doing it!