Cloud You Have Arrived

Have you ever tried to talk to your best friend, neighbor, dad or any other non-call center buddy about ACD, scripting, unifying agent desktops and improving self-service? If you're anything like me and have made that socially awkward mistake, those comments are usually met with blank stares or people just walking away from the conversation altogether. So, I've been a bit leery to start bringing the topic of the cloud into everyday conversation, just in case it isn't completey ubiquitous. Well, the wait is over. The cloud has officially arrived in popular culture.

How am I so sure about this? Well, as I sat down to read my weekly guilty pleasure, Entertainment Weekly, I noticed an article headlined, "Who's Winning the Cloud Race?". The article described the cloud and theorized on which music sharing service will be the cloud delivery leader. Given that the article was:

  1. in Entertainment Weekly, not exactly a tech magazine
  2. right next to an article featuring a photo of Kim Kardashian taking an X-ray of her famous posterior to prove she was implant free,

I think the cloud has definitely entered the mainstream public consciousness.

So what does that mean for those of us well entrenched in the cloud, and talking freely about SaaS, ACD, agents and self-service? Well, soon people will wonder why we ever installed hardware on premise rather than accessing it via the cloud. Oh, and we all now have conversation topics for the next cocktail party or night out!