Coder Royale 2011

This year at ICUC marked the 3rd Annual Coder Royale!  It seems that each year is getting more and more competitive, as well as more and more creative.  This year’s Coder Royale theme was “Innovation in the Contact Center” and the only requirement was that you used the inCloud API. The ingenuity that we were able to demonstrate to our live audience was so cool and, can I get a drum roll, please?  The winner is… Pete Blackmer from SpiceCSM. 

Pete’s application leveraged the inCloud API using 7 different methods.  The application is embedded in SpiceCSM, and has several features including click-to-call, a cherry pick function, and various reporting scenarios. 

I think a highlight for me was the event injection application.  The function allowed voice contacts to be injected into queue based on a pre-determined logic.  Of course, this is great because it allows end-users to manage when and how they contact their customers in an innovative and effective way.

Please join me in congratulating Pete.  The guy won $1,000 cash, a cool trophy, and is the Coder Royale title holder for 2011.

I’d also like to thank David Knight from Simplify, Nick Newsome from F9 Group and Chris Scholl from Rubi Pro who also demoed their entries at ICUC.  Thank you for sharing your cool creations.

As a side note for those who were there, we know that the competition felt a bit rushed this year.  This was the first time we had our participants demo their applications, and the entries were much larger in scale than previous years.  I want you to know that we heard your feedback and we will take that into account for next time. 

As always we look forward to watching the continued innovation of our customers and partners.  Stay tuned for more information about next year and other events coming from the inCloud team.