Consumer Demands are Changing Faster than Ever. Is your Contact Center Keeping Up

Brands of all sizes are learning that customer experience is no longer an afterthought: it’s the heart of what consumers want, and the foundation for profits. In light of fast-changing customer demands, is your contact center keeping up?

It used to be possible to win with a top product or a competitive price, but more than ever, customer experience is now top of mind for consumers — and crucial for bottom-line growth. But steep competition, plus the dozens of service channels available, means customer service leaders must continuously monitor and improve customer experience, strengthening contact center operations to meet the speed, personalization and convenience consumers desire.  

The second annual NICE inContact Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark surveyed consumers from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia – with year-over-year results for the US (2018 vs. 2017), and new benchmark data for the UK and Australia. The CX Transformation Benchmark year-over-year results among US consumers show a shift toward digital channels for service. Ultimately, digital engagement is what customers demand. Explore more in our webinar replay, where our experts unpack the report’s key discoveries.

Consumer preferences are trending towards what’s easiest: channels that make it simple to engage. For example, preference for online chat is climbing. Of US consumers surveyed, 56% are highly satisfied with chat interactions, and 47% and 44% of UK and Australian consumers, respectively, say they’re highly satisfied with their recent chat experience. And email use is also on the rise, doubling from year to year!

Furthermore, we’re learning how customers engage differently depending on their goal. To resolve an issue or problem, 54% of customers prefer to work directly with an agent. But with simpler, less urgent concerns, 40% prefer self service methods first. The numbers say it all: digital channels are real and relevant, and customer experience is central to company growth.

As contact center leaders, we need to focus on ensuring customers and agents have the technology and tools to deliver seamless omnichannel service. Download the 2018 NICE inContact Customer Experience Transformation Benchmark and explore how your contact center can prepare for today’s consumer expectations. And for even more key learnings, leverage our webinar replay. You’ll hear all about the only study that measures real-world consumer experiences by channel, deep-diving into satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy, including Net Promoter Score®. Hear about actual contact center transformations and best practices, too. These are trends you can’t afford to miss.