Most Popular and Powerful Combination for Your Contact Center Today: Salesforce + CXone

We’re making it easier than ever for contact center managers to bring together the most powerful solution to operate your contact center, to drive efficiency and productivity, and to give your agent a streamlined desktop with everything they need in one place. Ultimately, we’re making it simpler and easier for you to deliver the best possible experience for your customers in all the channels that they want to use today.

It’s a simple combination from the two leaders in the industry: Salesforce plus NICE CXone. You can get started today without extensive integration or custom development.

Five reasons why this is the most popular and powerful solution

  1. First Contact Resolution (FCR) – No starting over when switching between digital or voice channels with combination of carrier-grade voice plus intelligent omnichannel for Salesforce digital channels
  2. Easy-to -use with shorter time to proficiency for agents with consolidated agent desktop in Salesforce Lightning
  3. Occupancy rate – Save money by reducing labor waste with embedded WFO including scheduling, coaching and performance
  4. Time to value – eliminate developer time and cost with a complete suite with pre-built integration
  5. Proven solution with over 600 joint customers and 4.5 user rating on App Exchange

Bringing Salesforce and CXone together to improve business results

If you’re already using Salesforce but new to NICE CXone, you can gain measurable improvements by integrating these two platforms, whether you have an inbound call center, outbound or both. Job one: Delight customers with immediate resolution because you can meet them in their channels of choice with faster service that’s always personalized with the CRM customer information right at hand. Bottom line: You can lower cost while improving critical contact center KPIs such as customer satisfaction (CSAT), first call resolution (FCR), and average handle time (AHT). [link to blog article to be published for October webinar with Swisslog “5 KPIs You Can Improve By Integrating Your Contact Center and CRM”]

Easy-to-use, integrated agent desktop delivers productivity

Integrating CXone with Salesforce brings all voice and digital customer interaction channels together with NICE global carrier-grade voice channel and intelligent routing engine added to Salesforce digital customer interaction channels. If you have Salesforce Lighting, your agents can elevate Salesforce digital channels to CXone voice in a single click, reducing friction, empowering faster and more convenient customer experiences, and simplifying customer journey analysis with a unified interaction record. They can also handle up to 25 interactions concurrently, driving agent productivity up and customer wait times down. One single desktop can accelerate agent onboarding and performance—speeding the way to full productivity!

By shortening the average handle time (AHT) on your interactions, your agents can take the next interaction sooner, reducing the time your customers wait to speak to an agent. Plus, if you use your Salesforce data to identify customers who should be routed to self-service options, their wait time is eliminated entirely. Want proof? When Swisslog Healthcare implemented NICE CXone Agent for Salesforce, they reduced their wait times by 30%!

Built-in Workforce Optimization (WFO) simplifies agent effort and workspace

CXone Agent for Salesforce extends the Salesforce Sales or Service Console with embedded workforce management software including schedules, shift activities, as well as quality evaluation information and assigned coaching packets. Agents can have easy and direct access to all of this information without every moving away from their primary desktop and their primary focus—being available to customers and handling all calls and digital interactions efficiently. No other contact center solution has it in one place, built in already so you aren’t looking at more customization or development.

Easier than ever to get started to save development time and money

NICE has pre-built CRM integrations and easy to get started contact center packages for Salesforce to take your Salesforce CRM to the next level with fully integrated quality management, workforce management, interaction analytics and customer feedback applications empowering agents to deliver the very best customer experiences. Building customer loyalty and advocacy are a must have in today’s competitive customer experience economy. NICE CXone Packages for Salesforce give customer service leaders and agents the tools they need to achieve their KPIs – all in their familiar Salesforce desktop. Agent for Salesforce is also on the Salesforce AppExchange here.

Check out these videos

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