Contact Centre Analytics – 3 Important Trends to Watch

Are you looking for ways to boost agent performance and improve your customers experience in 2020? As you start to plan for the new year, keeping a pulse on technology innovations and understanding what your customers want will be critical to providing an exceptional experience and staying one step ahead of the competition. Most notably, to understand your customers journey you need the right contact centre analytics solution. If you plan on adopting or currently have a contact centre analytics solution in place, here are a few trends to keep your eye on to get the most out of analysing all of your customer interactions.

The Growing Need for Omnichannel Analytics:

The rise in digital interactions creates increased interest and urgency to understand the full omnichannel customer journey for complete visibility into what’s happening in the conversations between your agents and customers. The ability to analyse all interactions, and understand customer sentiment, detect frustration and uncover trending issues in a unified, easy to digest view will help you see the full picture clearly, moving beyond random samples of a single channel.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more widespread as it empowers contact centres to resolve customer issues faster for better business outcomes. As the amount of available data continues to grow across channels, it is important the information is analysed quickly without missing any key insights. The capabilities of AI allow solutions to read unstructured information, to understand the sense of what is being said to coach agents and discover important insights. Using AI in analytics helps a business predict what customers need before they even require it. The shift towards a more proactive and predictive approach will improve the customer journey by helping drive a highly personalised experience.

Democratisation of Analytics

Contact centre analytics will continue to expand ways to make data shareable and interpretable for non-data analysts. This strategy empowers agents and enables all business users to uncover insights that impact customer experience, improve agent performance and creates a culture of accountability – without the need of a team of data scientist to discover what is happening in your contact centre.   

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