Corporate Culture… More than a Budget Line Item for 'Fun'

It happens everywhere – agents are in a slump, struggling to find motivation for their daily work, and management is searching for the appropriate KPI change or policy enhancement to improve the center’s performance and attrition.  When that is happening in your center, it leads you to wonder how the centers that waste time with a Friday afternoon ice cream bar, or spend unnecessary money on a monthly drawing for agents meeting their KPI’s have successfully found a way to retain their agents and maintain a high level of productivity while others are struggling with the same goals.

By now, we're all aware that it is cheaper to keep an existing customer than find a new one, which is why companies create programs to ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction and loyalty.  Why would the same not apply to the workforce?  Creating a great corporate culture is more than just establishing the appearance of a “fun” place to work to draw new agents to the company.  It is ensuring that the employees  remain satisfied, content, and loyal, effectively reducing costs for frequently recruiting, hiring, and onboarding the workforce. The goal is a solid team that reports their employment term in years, not a revolving door with employees with weeks or months of service before moving on.  

Some companies are renowned for their high levels of employee satisfaction and excellent corporate culture, and it might seem a daunting task to compete with these programs.  There are small steps, however, that every company can take to improve on this front.  It doesn’t have to start with a complete overhaul of the benefits package and perks offered.  Consider the atmosphere that exists in your center, and determine what types of events or programs would fit best with your goals.  Is it more frequent off-site events such as a bowling night or a team movie as a reward for meeting a goal?  Or is it something as simple as a raffle for $10 gift cards at the end of the week for the agents meeting their requirements with the company’s most important KPI’s, or a pizza day or root beer floats for the team reaching their goal?Some managers have looked at this previously as rewarding agents for “doing their job,” however, it is also fostering the friendly competitive atmosphere in the center, and giving our agents positive motivation to excel.  

It all goes back to the old saying – “You catch more flies with honey”.  If you can create an environment where agents are not only having “fun,” but feeling appreciated and valued, you'll be surprised at the shift in the attitude overall, as well as the increase in productivity and agent retention.