CRS-3: Routing For a More Interactive Future

Cisco recently announced a new product that promises to be the foundation of the next-generation Internet.

The new product is a router, the CRS-3, for the core Internet carriers, but as routers go, it may just be the most advanced router on the planet.  This routers effectively triples the capacity of the previous product paving the way for more applications to be effectively used over the internet.


Everyone knows that Internet application usage is dramatically rising.  There are plenty of predictions of how much bandwidth an average person in the US will use each month.  I have even seen these prediction go as high as 15 TB a month per person.  In order for all of us “average” people to satisfy our appetites for video over IP, collaboration applications, mobile usage, and business services over the internet, there will need to be the backend systems like these core traffic routers. 

Advancements like the new CRS-3 ensures a future where the contact center will be able to leverage even more advancements like video and collaboration to provide a customer service experience that is hard to imagine…even today.