Curious How Analytics Can Impact Your Quality Management

Have you noticed all the hype around using analytics in quality management, but haven’t utilized it in your organization? If you have a quality program in place and you’re still not getting the results you desire, using analytics can lead to valuable insights that make your quality program more precise and efficient—and that’s just the beginning.

Research proves that utilizing analytics gives organizations a leg up. At NICE inContact, we’re excited to share how your organization can save time and expense by evaluating the right interactions the first time. Analytics can help you get immediate answers to critical questions, immediately identify trends that negatively impact customer experience and reduce supervisor effort. You can more effectively pinpoint and evaluate interactions now than ever before.

Will analytics really help your quality management program? If you’ve experienced the following situations in your organization, incorporating analytics can be a fitting solution:

  • Your evaluators know the type and length of interaction they want to evaluate — but tediously listen to multiple call recordings to find the “right” one.
  • Reviewing interactions on a specific topic requires your evaluators to sift through hundreds to find the right type.
  • Consumer surveys indicate unhappy customers, but your quality management (QM) evaluations don’t reflect this.
  • Your agents feel like QM processes work against them and they’re ready to give up.

These issues are often what keep organizations from hitting their quality goals quarter after quarter. At NICE inContact, we’ve developed the capability to examine every interaction, identify outcomes and evaluate the overall customer experience using cutting-edge analytics to navigate these issues and strengthen holistically.

Without analytics, we overlook a wealth of detail locked within interactions that provide insight into the customer experience. When your contact center is stuck in a plateau, analytics can deliver undetected insights that help you identify where and how to improve your customer experience.

Want to know what analytics looks like in a quality management process? Register now for our May 2 webinar to discover how analytics will drive the quality results you desire. In The Perfect Pair: Quality & Analytics in your Contact Center, you’ll learn how analytics and QM come together to drive a more efficient and satisfactory customer experience. to take the first steps toward utilizing analytics to drive impressive quality in your organization.