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Customer Experience is the New Battleground

I read a very relevant and timely article entitled “The Customer Experience Performance Gap” over at Forbes last week where I posted a comment.  I wanted to post the comment and a link to the article here for those that may not have seen it.

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Great article, and very timely.  As a leading cloud contact center solution provider, we are hearing from our customers large and small evidence of what you’ve written and the facts you cite.  Our customers are telling us that increasingly the way they are achieving their business goals is by delivering great customer experiences and that in order to do this, they need to excel at every single customer interaction.

While voice continues to be the dominant channel, virtually all of our customers are at least exploring how they deliver consistency in an omnichannel world.  Their customers may favor one channel over another, but they expect consistency and the ability to seamlessly move from one channel to another and pick up right where they left off.

As you pointed out, CRM systems are a key aspect of this.  However, most companies view CRM as a transactional system and they are “fronting” it with a purpose-built contact center solution that handle omnichannel routing, manages and optimizes their contact center workforce and provides deep analytics to measure and improve their ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Customer experience is becoming the new competitive battleground and leading companies are discovering that their ability to excel during every customer interaction is the key to them meeting and exceeding what are rapidly growing customer expectations that really define their brand experience with their customers.