Customer Interaction Specialist

It is interesting to see the shift of late in the contact center world away from an environment where the contact center agent is the center of attention to where now more and more the center of attention is the customer.

At inContact, I am working to change that mentality as well.  We do some really neat things with contact center solutions and we do them in a delivery model that is innovative and beginning to really gain acceptance.  But our strength is more than just being a SaaS company or delivering useful features.  Our strength is that we are customer interaction specialists.

Our goal is to put the focus on the customer, but more specifically, on the interaction between the customer and the agent. That dynamic, that experience, making that interaction vibrant, relevant and engaging is what leads to customer satisfaction and sticky customers.

When we focus on that experience between the customer and the agent, regardless of channel (phone, email, chat, SMS) we begin to crystallize what is important and why customers complete the interaction feeling fulfilled, satisfied and pain free.

I am not downplaying the feature set or the delivery mechanism, but those come secondary to the interaction and the overall emotion of that experience.

As feature sets become commoditized and as delighters turn to expectors and become folded into the platform or core offering, what has to stay fresh and what can be a differentiator once everyone else catches up to the feature / functionality race, is the dynamic between those two individuals.

Build features that are exciting, deliver reports that are compelling, and offer best practices that are sound, but do not forget what is lying at the core . . . the interaction.