Customer Satisfaction…The Lifeline to your Contact Center!

Remember the game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" that provided a lifeline to its contestants to help them with tricky questions? The idea was for the contestant to call their smartest friend, and see if they could help them in their quest to take home $1 million. You may be thinking that it would be nice to have a lifeline into the contact center to help you with tricky questions. And the great news is, you can. Through customer surveys.

There was a time when customers were less critical and vocal if they weren't totally satisfied with a busines. This is not the case today.

Today, customers are becoming increasingly more demanding, less tolerant and very critical when not having their expectations met.

There was a time when the choices available on where and who to work with and buy from with was limited. The power belonged to the business owner, and customers had no where else to go and therefore customer satisfaction was not so important.

Today, customers have lots of choice on where and who to work with and buy from. As a result, the power has now shifted to the customer. If they feel you cannot satisfy their expectations, they will simply switch to a company that will.

What is the most valuable asset in your business and a key ingredient to ensuring your business success?


In today’s world, the best way to know what your customers think and feel about your company and the service they receive from you is to implement a short survey.

It doesn’t stop there…… You also need to ensure you analyze the data, implement change, and circle back with your customers to let them know you are listening and making changes because of their voice.