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Customer Service: Testimonial: Using Personal Connection™ For Proactive Customer Service

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Customer Service: Recently, we interviewed a few of our customers to ask them how our outbound dialer, Personal Connection™, helps them achieve their business goals.

Academic Partnerships was one of the first customers to adopt our new dialer system in December 2013. One of their top contact center goals is to reach out to students within 5 minutes of the student's website request for more information. To do this, they have integrated the Personal Connection™ dialer into their CRM system to quickly pull up customer information and make a seamless connection.

In addition, Academic Partnerships utilizes the pop-up functionality for call scripting that gives their agents guidance when they are on the phone with students. Finally, they utilize skill routing to ensure that the right agent is helping each customer. For their organization, the Personal Connection™ dialer has given them the ability to cut out the initial pause, increase the number of calls their agents make, and improve contact rates.

Mitchell International uses the Personal Connection™ solution in a few different ways including disaster notification for their customers, for their employees' internal help desk solution, and for proactive customer

Mitchell International also uses Personal Connection™ to empower business users to quickly set up dialing campaigns. They use the dialer to leave messages for their customers who, while listening to the message, can immediately be connected with an agent by pressing “1”.

Watch the full video here for more information on how Personal Connection™ enables proactive customer service.

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