Customer Spotlight - Amy Latzer QATC Winner

In celebration of Customer Service Week (October 6-10) we would like to honor one of our most talented customer; Amy Latzer, Chief Operating Officer of 211 LA County. Last month we nominated Amy for the Quality Assurance & Training Connection 2014 Outstanding Quality Focus Award. We are proud to announce that she was presented with the award at QATC'sAnnual Conference in September.

As COO of211 LA County, Amy provides leadership and staff development expertise through coaching and training, monitoring and improving all service levels, program development, and maintaining communication for the multiple requirements of contract compliance. She has an extensive background in contact center leadership specializing in identifying symptoms, diagnosing root causes, and creating exceptional efficiencies without compromising quality. Utilizing past experience and collaborative process, Amy has developed a training, coaching, and quality assurance program that can be adopted easily by any size contact center.

Amy prides herself on the quality process she develops and instils into her agents. Due to the life and death nature of many of the calls 211 LA County receives, and the high level of stress inherent in such scenarios, following proper protocol is essential.

Amy is very intelligent, thoughtful and quick-thinking. These characteristics serve her well in her role as COO of 211 LA County as it can be a very fast-paced and high-stress environment during a crisis situation. Her thoughtfulness and preparation for these times allow her agents to be ready for the wide variety of scenarios they will face. Amy’s intelligence and quick-thinking are a perfect match for the “in the moment” decisions that must be made during a crisis.

Most importantly it is Amy’s compassion for those in need that support and drive her action the most. These qualities have enabled her to train and develop an outstanding team which approaches each interaction with empathy and concern for their customer’s best interests.

Congratulations to Amy and her team at 211 LA County!