Customer Story: Clearlink Maximizes Service Levels with inContact

Clearlink provides marketing technology and customer acquisition services to large national brands such as Dish, Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink and Progressive. With their contact center playing a critical business role, Clearlink needed a powerful portfolio of cloud-based contact center solutions.

More Flexibility for More Profitability

Clearlink regularly manipulates their phone system to address continually changing marketing efforts. They needed to gain flexibility without the extensive costs of upgrading hardware. With inContact, they can route customers according to marketing campaigns, change what the caller might hear on the IVR, and capture data to improve the customer experience.

“The inContact platform has been great for us because of the ability to script, route and make complex decisions, in call. [That] has been invaluable to the experience we provide for our customers.” – Bruce Westenskow | CTO, Clearlink

Using Skills-Based Routing to Expand Revenue

Clearlink now has the ability to rank certain marketing channels based on profitability. They can select categories that route the customer to a specific representative best able to handle that call.

“The IVR that inContact allows us to drive is really impressive. The [inContact] Studio product allows us to really manipulate anything we want to do.” Greg Swenson | Director of Operations, Clearlink

Creating an Enterprise Level, World-Class Call Center

“The way inContact has engineered their cloud platform, in my mind, is very impressive. They provide a redundant infrastructure, that’s very solid, with high quality voice to allow us to have an enterprise-level call center at a cost we can afford.” – Bruce Westenskow | CTO, Clearlink

Positive Business Outcomes

  • Saved $2 million in system costs for ongoing licensing, maintenance and upgrades
  • Increased flexibility and features at minimal cost
  • Dynamically scale agents up or down
  • Can change IVR features and recordings on demand
  • Eliminated down time and associated lost revenue through hosted redundancy
  • Ability to easily set up at-home or multi-site agents
  • Saved $100,000 a year in payroll costs through optimized workforce management

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