Customer Success – Your Partner in 2013

Over the past decade, I have been involved in Customer Success and Account Management at different levels. I have a deep belief that when the customer wins, the company wins.

In 2013, we are driving Customer Success to another level. The focus of Customer Success is to ensure we are the customer’s champion within inContact. We focus on the link between business goals and inContact solutions and deliver the promise of inContact solutions. By focusing on what makes our customers successful we also gain success. This is created by cultivating a positive relationship throughout our organization. We are the authority on our accounts, so inContact can adapt to meet customer needs.

Successful Customer Success Managers need to possess a passion for success. As we look to grow the team, we are specifically looking for individuals that can maximize the lifetime value of our customers by earning their loyalty through the inContact experience. As we drive to this level of satisfaction and as we partner with our customers we are both successful.

In short, the Customer Success Mission in 2013 is to ensure customer satisfaction and success by driving business value to our customers' key business requirements.

We look forward to 2013 and the partnership we can develop for our customers.