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Cut the Cord to Boost Contact Center Performance

Analysts unanimously agree: Customer Experience is the new competitive battle field. Price or functionality is no longer a sustainable competitive differentiator for most products and services. It is an interesting coincidence (or maybe not a coincidence at all) that the rise of customer experience as a competitive advantage comes at the same time when customers have higher expectations and more choice than ever before.

At Dreamforce 2016, inContact has tag-teamed with one of our customers using the inContact Agent for Salesforce – Mitchell International, Inc. – and will jointly deliver a breakout session that examines current customer expectations. Together, we look into the rationale, best practices, and business outcomes of deploying and integrating cloud contact center software with Salesforce CRM. If you plan to attend Dreamforce, please come to our breakout session and meet Pauline Mulvey from Mitchell, and Chris Bauserman from inContact – they have lots to say on the matter! Their session, “Cut the Cord to Boost Contact Center Performance” is scheduled for October 6, 3:00 PM - 3:40 PM. Here is a preliminary glimpse of what Pauline and Chris will talk about.

The three pillars of excellence in customer service:

  • A Consistent Omnichannel Experience
  • Personalized Interactions Regardless of Channel
  • A Streamlined, Contextual Agent Interface

Customers today expect a consistent Omnichannel experience when interacting with customer service – regardless of whether that is in-person, or through any channel in a contact center. They expect the agent to know who they are and what they want – without having to explain it all. This highlights the need for each agent to have access to customer data and information in order to personalize the interaction. Last but not least, today’s agents need a tool that empowers them to do their job, and do it well. The agent interface needs to be streamlined and contextual, and provide the integrated controls, statistics and data that agents need at their fingertips, so that they can concentrate on what they do best: helping the customer!

Now, any contact center – regardless of whether it is powered by cloud or premises technology – will strive to provide the best possible solution for those three pillars of excellence in customer experience. Where exactly lie the advantages of a cloud-based contact center? Mitchell chose the inContact Agent for Salesforce, and a cloud-based solution for their integrated contact center and CRM ecosystem because it allowed them to:

  • Simplify their ecosystem, with less integration points and data propagation
  • Quickly and easily deploy new locations or companies, or add agents
  • Flexibly add features and functionality, such as new channels, as the need arose
  • Minimize the cost of deployment and maintenance, while accessing the newest technology
  • Pay only for what they use without sacrificing reliability, security or compliance

Mitchell’s business outcomes with inContact are great achievements by any standard: a 30% YoY Service Level improvement and significant savings in talk time from increased agent efficiency. With inContact Agent for Salesforce, Mitchell’s agents will spend 6,000 hours less per year on inbound and 7,000 hours less on outbound calls. The most strategic benefit Mitchell has gained by standardizing on inContact Agent for Salesforce may be the notable increase in agent satisfaction. Mitchell has seen an increase in Customer Satisfaction by 10% over 2 years. Excellent results, we think!

Drop by our booth, #1731 at Dreamforce, or join us for the presentation to learn more.