CXone contact center solution

CXone Cloud Contact Center Software Helps Energy Company Soar

As one of Europe’s largest and fastest-growing energy producer/retailers, the company has more than 20,000 employees and had been generating power—electricity and heat—in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  Its mission: to make fossil fuel-free living possible within one generation. CXone cloud contact center software would be pivotal in the company’s growth as it moved into France.

As the energy company planned its launch into the competitive French consumer market, it focused on the goal of helping new users reduce their dependency on fossil fuels. The company engaged Webhelp, a leading global BPO and its partner, NICE. Together, the two companies would implement a unified, scalable, omnichannel contact center solution that would provide 360-degree customer management, as well as evaluate marketing channel performance and determine which were delivering the highest ROI.

To meet the many challenges, Webhelp chose NICE’s unified CXone cloud CX contact center platform. CXone combines ease of use and flexibility and would enable tracking customers’ journey from acquisition to conversion. The fully managed solution includes a customized integration of CXone with Google Analytics that uses CXone APIs. The unique integration tracks leads from acquisition to conversion and helps the organization optimize its marketing budget by tracking revenue by channel.  

The fact that the CXone solution is highly flexible, customizable and scalable makes it easy to add more advisors and channels when needed and to keep pace with the company’s anticipated growth and evolving needs.  What’s more, Cxone’s pay-as-you-use pricing ensures that the company won’t be facing unanticipated infrastructure expenses in the future.

Sales are high, and customer satisfaction is growing. The company’s move to the CXone unified CX solution is proving to be a good one.  Learn more about harnessing the power of CXone cloud contact.