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Oscar health

CXone Workforce Management Enterprise: A Game Changer for Oscar Health

As a fast-growing, technology-driven health insurance company with 250,000 members, Oscar Health saw that its manual call center agent scheduling and forecasting process was having an unhealthy effect on productivity and customer service. So the company turned to NICE inContact for the solution: CXone Workforce Management Enterprise.

Oscar Health’s 250 agents handle more than 615,000 interactions annually, mostly inbound calls from members looking for assistance with claims, benefits and the mobile app. But agent productivity and service levels just weren’t measuring up.

There were underlying issues, and one of the biggest: Schedules were being created manually using Google Sheets—a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone process. Supervisors were spending two or three days developing a week’s schedule and making changes, and it was impossible to do long-term planning. The clunky process also kept agents from being able to plan ahead, which was compromising their personal time.

A major turnaround came when Oscar Health implemented CXone Workforce Management Enterprise. It reduced administrative demands, increased forecasting accuracy and improved call center agent performance.  In fact, there were dramatic increases in productivity, adherence and service levels.

Customers, too, noticed the improvement in their experience, with some even commenting, “You must be hiring, because I got through to an agent much more quickly!” The reality was that CXone Workforce Management Enterprise was making everything more efficient: Although call volume doubled, staffing needed to increase by just 60 percent to handle it. Meanwhile, performance metrics—abandon rates, speed to answer, wait times—continue to improve dramatically.