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Data and Reporting: What Can We Do For You

"Data Science Machine" crunches numbers faster and more effectively than most humans” – thus the headline of a recent MIT News release. CSAIL researchers at MIT are working on taking the human element out of big-data analysis. Their new system – the aforementioned “Data Science Machine” – not only searches for patterns in data, but also determines which “features” of the data to scrutinize for the data analysis to have predictive value. This selection process has required human intuition and experience. While MIT’s results are amazing, I believe the contact center “human touch” will continue to be needed well into the future.

To all of you working in a contact center environment, the fact that data is a cornerstone to understand what’s going on is not new news. Reporting has always been, and will always be, a focus area for any contact center solution. You have the knowledge, experience and yes, sometimes also the intuition to understand which data to look at. So, what else can we do for you?

We strongly believe in providing more and better options – both in terms of the amount and type of data your have access to, as well as in how you can access that data. Thus, data and reporting continue to be a focus area in the development of our contact center solution. Some recent improvements include:

  • Access to data based on a different summarization methodology, the “Contact Start” paradigm, in addition to previously available “True to Interval” data in the Custom Reporting and Direct Data Access tools. This summarization method is frequently used for auditing and third party billing. And choosing the paradigm suited for your report is easy – just a mouse-click!
  • New Personal Connection data model in addition to Contact Summary and Detail data in Custom Reporting and Direct Data Access. This new data model provides access to metrics directly related to outbound dialing list management. Inbound, outbound – now it’s all in one convenient, intuitive tool!
  • API-based access to both real-time and historical reporting makes creating custom dashboards and reports a breeze. It also simplifies combining contact center data with other data sources in your company for the "big picture". You have complete access to contact records directly from a contact ID in easy-to-use API calls. Furthermore, the calls contain the complete contact information in both real time formats for active contacts and historical for completed contacts. Easy!
  • Last, but not least; a new IVR Press Path report in Central offers permission-based access to 90 days of history in a 30-day window. It has filtering, too!

We don’t have a “Data Science Machine” (yet), but we’re well on our way to making our data and reporting better – and who knows, maybe one day we’ll have a “Data Science Machine” to add the brains, too…

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