Direct Interactions - Socially Responsible Domestic Outsourcing

In January we announced Direct Interactions, Inc. as a new customer of NICE CXone's cloud contact center solutions. Direct Interactions is a unique call center provider in that 100% of their agents work from home. While Direct Interactions is headquartered in the Seattle area, their agents are spread throughout the country with some agents able to work from their homes located in extremely rural areas. For this reason, cloud solutions from NICE CXone were an ideal match for Direct Interactions’ business model due to the flexibility offered by the cloud platform and the ease and quickness they are able to scale services up or down as need.

Aside from their unique operations model and distributed workforce, Direct Interactions has made the hiring of individuals with physical and developmental disabilities a priority for the company. Providing legitimate employment and career opportunities for those with disabilities, and military veterans, is a core value for Direct Interactions as they aim to set an example of socially-responsible hiring practices for other business to follow.

A few short years ago it seemed as though most call centers, and call center jobs, were moving in mass quantities to overseas outsourcing locations. However, companies have begun to realize that exceptional customer service is a key differentiator in highly-competitive markets. As a result, many have shifted their focus to “right-shoring” much of their customer service operations and finding U.S. based business partners. Direct Interactions is a call center outsourcer that is creating American jobs through domestic outsourcing. The fact that they are simultaneously focused on, and committed to, doing so in a socially responsible manner makes us at NICE extremely proud to be playing a role in Direct Interactions' success.


“We have a lot of people who have been told they can’t do what they are doing now… That makes me really happy and I think makes them feel really proud, too.” - Jonas Nicholson, CEO

Direct Interactions' business model establishes them as an ideal partner for companies looking for superior customer service from a domestic workforce. Furthermore, and most importantly, their hiring practices are truly inspirational and set an example for other companies to follow. Learn more about Direct Interactions from their collection of videos on their YouTube channel.