Disaster Recovery Plans for Your Contact Center – Consider Cloud

Each year as Southeasterners brace for another hurricane season they are advised to develop disaster recovery plans. How will they protect their home? How should they stock their pantries? Where will they evacuate to? This year’s active hurricane season prompts us all to reflect on our own readiness in case of disaster, including in the contact center.

Regardless of your geographical location, a solid disaster recovery plan is critical in ensuring business continuity to avoid interruption to your customers. A “disaster” recovery plan can defend you from unplanned occurrences, whether they be natural or man-made – like a power outage or utility worker accidentally cutting the telecom fiber in your building.

A cloud-based contact center solution can be the cornerstone of your disaster recovery plan. As long as agents have a dial-tone and access to the internet, they can manage customer contacts through the contact center platform. So an overnight blizzard prohibiting your agents from driving to the office doesn’t bring business to a screeching halt. Rather, your agents can jump on a computer and support your customers from the comfort of their own home, and warm pajamas!

The scenario is a win-win for all: not only for agents but also for customers expecting the same high level of service from your contact center 24/7. Studies confirm that customers will pay more for top-quality service. They’ll also thank you in spades by remaining loyal to your brand for years to come.

Investing in solid contact center infrastructure that responds to customer expectations isn’t just logistically smart, it’s financial sound. In its report Drive Revenue With Great Customer Experience, 2017, experts from Forrester reveal the financial impact of investing in activities that generate great customer experiences. Thirteen industries are highlighted in the report, revealing huge economic gains across the board. Chances are your industry is on the list.

If you don’t already have a disaster recovery plan, now is the time. The best plans include easy, step-by-step actions, clear roles and responsibilities, and are periodically rehearsed with the team. Hopefully you will never need to activate your disaster recovery plan, but if you do, you’ll be ready!

Download your report, Drive Revenue With Great Customer Experience, 2017.