do not call compliance

"Do Not Call" and TCPA 2014 Compliance Update

“Do Not Call” and TCPA compliance is an extremely important, and complicated, piece of your outbound call center. As technology evolves to bend the current rules governing outbound dialing, the FCC has stepped up enforcement of several key TCPA statutes. Below, we examine a few of the most recent regulatory rulings to help you stay ahead of TCPA regulatory compliance for your outbound contact center.

Phone Number Identification

Recently, the TCPA prohibited calls to cell phones using an automated telephone dialing. What some people may not know is that this same prohibition also applies to any telephone number where the party is charged for the call. In the past few months, the FCC has demonstrated it is serious about enforcing the TCPA by levying multi-million dollar fines against two prominent companies. To add more confusion to this ever changing list of requirements, companies are now investigating whether or not VoIP identification is needed.  Work with your compliance and legal teams to understand how you want to proceed.

Caller ID Falsification

At the end of last year, the FTC closed deliberations on whether or not to amend the 2003 TSR which required telemarketers to transmit information to Caller ID services. The rule was intended to curb new technologies which allow telemarketers to mask their information by spoofing the number and name that appears on Caller ID displays. If your business currently uses this tactic, we recommend ceasing the use of technology that hides or spoofs your Caller ID information to avoid any potential penalties from the FCC.

Do These Rules Apply to My Business?

If you are like most outbound contact center managers, TCPA compliance can be a struggle—especially trying to figure out which laws and regulations apply to your specific business. Contact Center Compliance holds regular summits to keep you informed, including an event in Scottsdale, Arizona on June 25th that we are sponsoring. If you are interested in attending the event, you can register here.