Do Something Right!

I recently went to see one of our great customers who have been using inContact for just about a year. Part of the discussion was about the feedback from their customers and how they are using the data. Let me set the stage:

  • This company was already doing something right. They have a great product and great service.
  • When they started using inContact, and asking their customers to evaluate their service experience, around 86% of their customers were satisfied with the way agents were resolving inquiries. Further, just over 91% of their customers were giving them positive scores on professionalism. That’s pretty darn good, but they knew they could do better.

So, for the past year, they have been listening to their customer feedback and coaching their agents with the information. This chart shows the upward trend of their satisfaction scores during the past twelve months. They’ve gone from 91% to over 94% on Agent Professionalism scores and from 86% to 89% on Agent Efficiency (measuring how satisfied the customer was with the agent’s ability to resolve the issue).

It’s noteworthy that they have had over 75,000 customers provide feedback to them during the past year.

This company is growing.  They are expanding their service and their journey is not done.  We talked about doing more with the feedback and closing the loop with the customers who are not completely satisfied with the service experience. 

I love visits like this and can’t wait to see where they will be in another twelve months.