Do You Really Have Control of What's Being Said

One of the biggest reasons people don't want to start utilizing social media is a perceived loss of control. You'll hear things like, "What if people say something mean/negative/untrue/?" and "What if I don't like what they say?". Here's the truth: you never had control of the social conversation. It's out there. It's happening. And if you're not monitoring and listening, it's just passing you by.

Those hesitations also make you wonder just how bad the service experience is at the companies where these nay-sayers work. If you work hard to provide exceptional customer service in your company, there's also a big opportunity to see Twitter posts like these:

"A big thanks to Heather in Customer Service @SearsAuto. Thanks for resolving my issue quickly and professionally! #customerservice"

"At Jiffy Lube. They are rockin the customer service. Are they afraid they'll end up on Undercover Boss??? Maybe that's a good thing!"

"Just got off the phone with Nicor. When they say "exceptional customer service," they mean it. I think it was Taniesha..."

And if you dn't put the customer first in your overall business strategy, they're going to notice with posts like this:

"I've gone through 2 Farouk CHI flat irons in 3 years. Stay away. Customer service is crap, and they won't do anything beyond a 1 year WTY"

Start listening to what is being said about your company and industry in the social sphere, and view it as an opportunity to engage with your customers - both those who are upset and those who are happy with your products or services.