Do you Think That Customer Service is Getting Worse You're Probably Right...

Do you think that customer service is getting worse?  You’re probably right...

The ACSI just release the 2010 results of their multi-year study on customer service and found that it is...dropping.  Yep.  So if you feel like customer service is going down, you're probably right.

With a few exceptions, it is declining.

What can we do about it?  I really don’t believe that we are getting up in the morning and saying to ourselves in the mirror, “what can I do to offer worse customer service?”  I believe that those in the industry want to do a better job of offering customer service.

Some claim that it is all about the fragile economy and consumer sensitivity.  If that is the case, now is your chance to jump on it and beat out all of your competition in customer satisfaction.

Greater customer satisfaction leads to:

  1. Customers who buy more from you
  2. Customers who spread good word of mouth about you
  3. More profitable companies

So, things are looking bad across the is your chance to really shine.  What are you doing to shine?  Share your ideas with us here or with me at