Do Your Service Channels Turn Your Customers into Net Promoters

When your customers are willing to recommend your company to friends and family members, you definitely are doing something right. And when the percentage of customer “recommenders” (aka promoters) greatly outweighs the percentage of detractors, that’s a big win.

This is the basic concept behind Net Promoter Score® (NPS), which has been adopted widely as an indication of whether a company is successfully delivering the experience its customers want and need.

Typically, the Net Promoter concept is applied to brands and products. But it also can be applied to other aspects of the customer experience, such as service, and it can yield very interesting results, especially when you ask businesses the same questions you ask their customers and then compare the responses.

This is exactly what we did as part of the 2019 NICE inContact Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark, Business vs. Consumer. Our second annual study delves into attitudes and perceptions about customer experience and service delivery — from the perspective of both customers and contact center leaders.

In this latest research, we asked more than 900 contact center leaders how likely customers would be to recommend their company based on the consumers’ experience with the company’s service via specific service channels (e.g., phone, chat, IVR). Then we compared these results to what over 2,400 customers actually reported in our 2018 benchmark.

There were significant discrepancies between customers and companies, with businesses giving themselves higher net promoter scores than their customers did for every service channel.

For example, when asked about automated assistants/chatbots, businesses gave themselves a Net Promoter Score® of 25 while customers gave them a -8, making for a 33 point gap.

There were also notably large gaps in the responses regarding email, text, and social media. Clearly, there’s an opportunity for companies to improve their understanding of how their communication methods impact their customers' likelihood to recommend.

This information, along with many other insights regarding customer experience, is available to you now. Our complimentary report is a valuable tool that can refine your own Net Promoter Score strategy.

Download your copy of the business wave of the 2019 NICE inContact Customer Experience Transformation Benchmark today.