customer satisfaction

ECSI Increases Customer Satisfaction by 13%

ECSI provides university and college student loan departments turnkey servicing programs that include payment processing, customer service for student borrowers and end-of-year tax documents. In 2018 alone, the company’s 100-120 contact center agents handled over 850,000 phone calls and 350,000 chats.

Although ECSI had been steadily growing for 45 years, its contact center was not keeping pace. The system often crashed, wait times were long and too much had to be done manually. There was no visibility into performance, and a lack of reporting tools meant there were no easy ways to calculate productivity.

Moving to NICE’s CXone cloud CX platform, however, has taken ECSI to the head of the class. Productivity and efficiency are up, as is customer satisfaction. Wait times, time to answer and agent stress levels are all down.

An important component of ECSI’s success in loan servicing is making it easy for students to ask questions, make their loan payments and manage their accounts. That’s why the company implemented Advanced Chat for CXone, in response to student borrowers’ preference for chat over phone.  As a result, chat abandon rates fell by 86%, and customer satisfaction rose by 13%.

Agents benefited, too—and in fact, love using Advance Chat for CXone, according to ECSI. As a result, agent productivity has soared: Skilled chat agents are handling up to five chat interactions concurrently. Automation and incorporation of some pre-established content have both helped streamline that process. Impressively, chat agents are now so efficient, they’re also taking calls—more than 18,000 last year!

ECSI will continue to push its exceptional CX even further. Says Senior Contact Center Manager Mike Bowman: “NICE Professional Services opened our eyes to what we could do with automation, and it’s changed everything!”