Enterprise Contact Center Software Buyer's Guide: Recommendations from Gartner

It is time to modernize your contact center. Your current software is showing its age, unable to keep up with customer expectations or add new capabilities like digital channels (like SMS or WhatsApp) or artificial intelligence (AI). But it may have been five years or more since you last evaluated technology options or vendors for call center software. 

So much has changed.  Where do you start and how do you manage the process?

Fortunately, we’ve teamed up with Gartner, a leading independent analyst research firm, to provide you market perspective and recommendations to get started. Join the webinar, Up Your CX Game: Buyers Guide for Moving to a Cloud Contact Center, for guidance on managing the entire contact center software evaluation cycle, from building a consensus on priorities internally to evaluating your options to negotiating and selecting new partner.  Also gain clarity on newer technology options like CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) and why it is now the most popular approach to deliver a great customer experience at lower cost than traditional on-premises approaches. 

For this webinar, we have teamed up with Gartner, featuring Gartner Analyst Drew Kraus who will walk you through these key phases of your process:

  • Conduct a needs assessment: current and future (scale and functionality)
  • Inventory your applications and infrastructure (current and future integrations)
  • Perform a gap analysis (zeroing in on priorities)
  • Develop a Request for Proposal (RFP), incorporating cross-team requirements
  • Select the right vendor (from short list to bake-off)

Watch Up Your CX Game: Buyers Guide for Moving to a Cloud Contact Center now. From evaluating competing needs to exploring your deployment options to building an RFP to managing a successful implementation, Drew and Chris will address all your questions and more. It’s a stimulating presentation that will provide you a robust foundation and road map for moving to the cloud—and elevating your CX!