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Envera Health Provides Exceptional Patient Experiences with CXone Tools

Envera Health provides contact center services to a variety of healthcare providers — physician practices and others — throughout the U.S. In a complex industry that deals with sensitive information, and where patient privacy is paramount, Envera has set out to provide exceptional experiences for every patient who calls.

Envera utilizes NICE CXone call center software solutions but with a twist: CXone solutions also are incorporated into its clients’ operations. This means that the 85 agents in Envera’s contact center and the 180+ additional agents staffed in client locations are all working on the same CXone cloud CX platform, all providing the same consistent, high-quality services to patients. The call center agents collectively handle more than 1 million inbound calls annually as well as several hundred thousand outbound calls.

Because agents handle a broad range of interactions from scheduling to ER visit follow-up calls, Envera maintains more than 1,300 skills. Agents also are interacting with patients from multiple clients, and CXone Omnichannel Routing ensures that the right calls get to the right agents quickly and accurately.

For even greater gains, Envera utilizes CXone Quality Management Analytics Pro to to identify important actionable insights. For example, analytics alerted the company to establish a separate line for prescription refills, which improved patient access and satisfaction as well as offloaded volume from agents. Because data is collected centrally, Envera now can report a variety of data to its clients each week, giving them unique visibility into their respective operations.

As it continues to enhance the patient experience, Envera plans to add to its CXone toolkit. “As our business grows, we’re excited to grow with NICE CXone,” says Patrick Hoar, Workforce and Analytics Manager for Envera Health. “I’d recommend NICE CXone to anyone.”