Exploring CRM Integrations

In the modern contact center, call routing and customer relationship management (CRM) go hand-in-hand. The sad truth is that, although they are both integral parts of a successful center, many organizations simply live with these systems functioning in separate, autonomous silos. To address this, we recently released technology to merge our best-in-class call routing platform into standard CRM applications. The inContact Plugin Agent:

  1. moves the interface to the browser where the agent is working
  2. incorporates screen pops, click-to-dial and workflow functionalities
  3. creates artifacts that memorialize the interaction such as call records, opportunities, or tickets.

inContact Plugin Agent
The inContact Plugin Agent enables our intelligent call routing functionality to be added to the agent’s Internet browser so they are available side-by-side with the agent’s CRM application. This means the calls are delivered on a single, unified browser on the agent’s desktop. Furthermore, when a call is received from a recognized number, the caller’s information is located in the CRM and pre-populated for the agent before the call is actually connected to the agent.

The inContact Plugin Agent embeds the call controls directly into the browser making the agent’s job more manageable. For example, if the agent needs to open another browser window to access shipping information or an online product catalog, the call controls follow them to each additional window. The agent is not forced to toggle back-and-forth between windows to find the call controls. The net result is a more efficient agent and more effective customer service.

The Plugin Agent enables users to:

  • Utilize a unified interface so there is no switching between the CRM and inContact applications.
  • Embed “screen pops” in the CRM, which serves up the corresponding customer data when the call is routed to an agent.
  • Place calls without keying the numbers with the click-to-dial feature.
  • Automatically create “call task” records in the CRM, minimizing after-call work.
  • Switch between different browser windows and tabs, while seamlessly maintaining connectivity to the customer.

We have already integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM through the inContact Plugin Agent and we are able to integrate into virtually any major CRM using this same technology.

Salesforce Adapter
Similarly, organizations using Salesforce as their CRM application can take advantage of a simplified agent experience. We have integrated our leading call routing functionality into the Salesforce CRM through the Salesforce Adapter. This integration enables the two technologies to work together as a single, unified system. In much the same way as with the Plugin Agent, contact center agents simply log into Salesforce.com and, with a single click, they are connected to the inContact system. Incoming calls are then intelligently routed to the agent, and thanks to the adapter, all needed and available information is displayed in the CRM interface through a single, information-rich screen pop.