Focus Services Keeps Up with Customer Expectations and Innovation with inContact Cloud Solutions

“Beyond Expectations.” This simple tagline sits at the forefront of Focus Services’ business vision. For a global, call center service provider with more than 3,000 employees across 12 facilities, it may sound like a bold statement. In a world where customer expectations and needs seem to change almost daily, how does a contact center stay one step ahead of it all?

In search of agility and consistency

For Focus’ leadership, it begins in the cloud. Focus delivers low cost, high quality outsourcing solutions for small businesses and Fortune 100 companies alike across a variety of industries and a variety of contact types—from sales calls to technical support and general customer service interactions.

Focus strives for strong consistency in how their agents engage with customers and the quality of their performance despite the variability in clients and call types. Hitting those targets requires a level of flexibility Focus’ previous contact center system couldn’t deliver.

“The call center space, particularly the outsourcing space, is constantly changing. So the biggest challenge (to that) is operating in an on-premises environment,” said Paul Liljenquist, President of Focus Services. “We also wanted to move from a capital expense to an operational expense model. That’s a much better fit for an outsourcing environment like ours.”

A partner in innovation

With these goals in mind, Focus went searching for a simple yet powerful cloud-based contact center platform. With inContact, what they found was not only the technology they needed but also a partner in innovation.

“Our relationship with inContact and our use of the inContact tool allows us to very quickly respond to the needs of our clients,” said Liljenquist. “And to have a partner that can change as fast as we change and adapt as fast as we need to adapt is critically important to the overall success of our business.”

Hear more of Focus Services’ story in their own words in this quick 2-minute video.