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Four Key Advantages of a Cloud Contact Center Solution over a Premises Call Center System

How well is your contact center’s premises-based system working for you? We’ve heard from contact centers whose outdated premises systems caused them to miss SLAs, kept them from hiring the best agents, cost lots of money to upgrade, and resulted in customers having a poor impression of their services. If you haven’t yet looked at a cloud contact center solution, now is the time.  The cloud makes many facets of inbound and outbound customer service easier and more cost effective. And you’ll no longer need to make compromises on high quality service.

A cloud contact center solution has many advantages over a premises system including:

  • Save on capital expenditures. The cloud is more affordable than on-premises systems, because you’ll pay a monthly fee based on what you actually use. There are no upfront costs, hardware expenses or costly software upgrades. You can also shift your premise system’s CapEx expenses to more regular, recurring OpEx costs with the cloud.
  • Support agents anywhere – no matter where they live. What if you want to expand your operations to include agents in the Philippines, or offer the option of working at home as a reward to top agents?  That’s usually tough to do with a premises system.  With the cloud, it’s easy – employees just need a web browser and a user account.  There’s no complicated setup or configuration to add new agents to the system, and it doesn’t matter where they’re located – with the cloud, everyone uses the same system.
  • On-demand scalability for fluctuating call volumes. Have your call volumes suddenly increased, but frustratingly, your premises system couldn’t handle it?  One of a cloud contact center’s prime benefits is scalability, which means if call volumes rise, the system automatically adjusts to handle them.  It also means you only pay for what you use, and there’s no need to have idle hardware sitting around “just in case.” And if a disaster strikes, you can quickly shift your call operations to a different geographic location.
  • Easy to integrate with other systems and customize. Does your premises system support social media, email or chat-based support?  What if you’d like to pull customer information from your CRM into your contact center system?  It may be possible with your premises system, but it’s likely a time-consuming and expensive update. With a cloud contact center solution, it’s easy to integrate systems and share data between them, such as integrating with your CRM so customer records can be updated between the two systems. It’s also quick to develop custom integrations and upgrade to new functionality such as adding support for social media.

Take the next step and learn more about how a cloud contact center solution compares to a premises system. You’ll get more information about how the cloud is affordable, quicker to install, easier to manage and instantly scalable.