basketball scoreboard2

Games Are No Fun if There’s No Scoreboard

Can you imagine going to a basketball game without a scoreboard? There would be a lot of shouting and action but how would you really know what was going on? Everything in the contact center is a lot more fun—and productive—when everyone can see the up-to-the-minute score.

The latest electronic scoreboards have all the stats and are essential for players, coaches and teams who intend to win. inContact inView is a new performance dashboard solution that pulls together the most important KPIs in real-time in a consolidated picture. All the team statistics can be viewed at different levels—from the individual agents to supervisors to managers looking at the entire work site or campaign across multiple work groups. Here are ten ways to use real-time dashboards to get everyone focused on the game and scoring points.

  1. Bring the contact center to life with specific, measureable goals that set expectations and keep everyone’s attention on achieving results.
  2. Make the goals vivid in colorful, real-time graphics that track specifics such as first call resolution, average handle time, close rate, CSAT, etc.
  3. Give agents an individual, real-time access to track their progress towards earning incentives or bonus points.
  4. Give supervisors a view of their team’s performance throughout the day allowing them to coach the players more specifically and cheer on the high scoring team members.
  5. Overcome the afternoon lull with motivation to reach the next campaign goal by the hour.
  6. Give managers ways to see opportunities or hot spots across the business based on real-time activity in the contact center.
  7. Give project leads a way to compare actual progress and results against specific campaign measures.
  8. Give supervisors visual evidence of individual performance to improve their one-on-one coaching by including data from all systems in the contact center.
  9. Celebrate productivity in a multichannel contact center with emails, chats, tweets, tickets, and calls tracked on performance dashboard.
  10. Engage every team member in achieving new service level agreements or participating in training or quality initiatives.

There are dramatic business benefits for companies who can provide real-time feedback to agents, supervisors and managers. Employee retention improves when agents know what’s expected and exactly how well they’re doing. Supervisors can spot trends or potential issues more quickly in order to take early action. Executives have tangible evidence of the state of operations and can make more informed decisions based on hard data and business results. Playing to win in customer service requires everyone to bring their A game every day in the contact center. Make sure you have a great scoreboard to make it the best experience for everyone.

This article also appears in Contact Center Pipeline's special report, Workforce Optimization Survey: The Results Are IN(teresting)!