Garbage In Garbage Out

A lot of people reach out to me with questions about their knowledge base, which I love. Recently, I received a common KB question from a former colleague.  It's a question that comes up often, but the answer may not necessarily be intuitive to everyone.

Her question was something like this… She had been given a project to manage the consolidation of 12+ knowledge bases into a single KB, some of which were very old. She was considering just integrating all 12 KBs into one master knowledgebase, and was curious if that was the best way to approach the situation.

My first response was to take a deep breath of air and not panic.  This could create a lot of unnecessary noise in the KB (garbage in - garbage out), and we in the knowledge-centered support industry do not recommend a content dump.

I would highly recommend moving the most often used content and restructure it to follow your company’s content standards.  If possible, make the rest of the information available in an archive that can be accessed by your company while you’re building out a more robust KB.  After adding the most used content manually, the agents would continue to build out the KB as questions come into your call center.

NOTE: The only exception might be if the content is structured in a way that it can be found, there is a lot of faith in the existing content, and the content follows the current KB content standard created by your Knowledge manager.

For more information or conversation around this concept, feel free to comment below.