Give the People What They Want

Over a period of months, Facebook users campaigned for Betty White to host Saturday Night Live.  The show's producers wisely listened to their viewers and brought the venerable Golden Girl on the show a couple weeks ago, only to have the highest ratings of the season.

The Betty White campaign is an amazing example of what happens when a brand listens to their users.  It also shows how easy social media makes the conversation.  Not only did the show pull great ratings, the producers knew that it would because they heard their customers.  It was definitely a win-win.

So how are you listening to your customers?  It's not just about monitoring the social media conversation, but even more about hearing what they're telling the agents in your call center.  Once you've heard what your customers want, you need a plan to put what you learn into action.

So will we see Carol Burnett hosting SNL in a few weeks or months?  Facebook users are clamoring for it. We'll see if the show's producers keep listening.